Sales, Marketing, Customer Service.

Sales, Marketing, Customer Service.

Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and follow up. With all the tools available to us today, how good are we at follow-up? Do we return calls when we said we would? Do we follow up with emails or even text messages? where have common manners gone to?.

I remember as a young rep winning a few awards for sales which did not come from skill at the time but from good customer relations which lead to sales growth. I believe in treating people in a way you would like to be treated yourself and that included some very basic human needs when in a relationship ( business & personal ).




If you give a commitment to someone to do something no matter how small. DO IT.  And if you can't do it for whatever reason just communicate that to them.

What might not be a big deal to you might be a big deal to the other person, good news or bad keep communicating.

Here is a little task for you and you have to be totally Honest, make two lists, you and other or customers and suppliers, Mark yourself a point when you phone, email, or call someone back when you said you would and be honest if you forgot to ,deduct a point. Do the same exercise for your suppliers and staff for the next two weeks and add up both scores.

What is your score?

I don't always do business with the best business partners compared with the most reliable.

How reliable are you?